My interest in language, thought, and time stems in part from many years spent writing personal narratives and reading the narratives of others. I began keeping a diary online in 1998, long before anyone used the word blog. The corner of the early web I grew up in consisted primarily of young women who produced introspective writing and art about their experiences, both on their own websites and on platforms like LiveJournal. In an effort to help document and preserve a unique era in the history of the Internet, I’ve left a large archive of these digital writings online. Please contact me for access.

My alter-ego writes creative nonfiction, including the personal essay Ways To Show Affection, which was published in The Sun magazine in 2006.

Some favorite literary quotations and other musings on the subject of time are here.

Some of my long-time friends from the early Web include writers, scholars, artists, and thinkers who continue to inspire me:

Miriam Bird Greenberg
Mitsu Hadeishi
Heather Anne Halpert
Helena Kvarnstrom
Magdalena Olszanowski
Terri Senft
Leigh Stein
Letitia Trent
Esme Weijun Wang
Kim Winderman